Dog who fell off shrimp boat found alive days later after swimming six miles to shore

When a dog named Monster fell off a shrimp boat, his owner thought she was gone for good — but days later got an unexpected miracle as the resilient dog made his way home by swimming to shore.

Keith “Kiwi” Soffes, a shrimp boat captain from San Leon, Texas, loves his dog Monster, who never leaves his side, accompanying him on his daily runs out on the water.

But one recent trip turned into heartbreak, after Monster fell overboard. While the dog was no stranger to the water, having accompanied Keith on the boat since she was a puppy, and it was a calm day, the dog was suddenly gone without a trace.

Keith searched everywhere, hoping she would turn up, but soon feared for the worst. “I lost the one thing in this world that I truly loved,” Keith wrote. “Totally heartbroken.”

Keith shared the story on social media, continuing to hope Monster would show up somewhere. He received a lot of support and prayers from people online.

But five days after Monster went missing, he got great news: Monster was alive and well… after having quite an adventure at sea.

According to FOX 26 Houston, Monster survived by swimming between five and six miles to shore across the Galveston Bay.


Monster was found days later after reaching the shore. Keith was stunned after hearing her story.

“I said ‘man, she couldn’t have made that swim,” he told FOX 26. “There’s no way that dog swam that long.”

After many emotional days apart, Keith and Monster were overjoyed to reunite.

“I was crying so hard I couldn’t even talk,” Keith said. “She was giving me so many kisses.”

Now, Monster is finally safe and sound at home. Keith says that while he’s still exhausted from the emotional search, Monster, despite her long adventure, seems pretty unfazed.

“She acts like nothing happened,” Keith wrote on Facebook, along with a photo of the dog happily sleeping. “She goes to sleep happy as a jaybird … I think she may have jumped off on purpose. Just to get on TV,” he joked.

“But I still love her.. and so glad I got my little friend back.”

He’s also making sure nothing like this ever happens again: Keith told FOX 26 that he’s going to equip the dog with a tracking device and a life jacket on future boat trips.


Man dies after losing beloved four-legged friend of 14 years

Our four-legged friends can be comfort to us in so many ways. For the elderly they can offer companionship, exercise, a purpose and sometimes even keep us going.

For 80-year-old Ken Pendagraft, his dog of 14 years offered him a reason to go out every day and take him for a walk, not to mention companionship and unconditional love.

But when Ken was found distraught with a very sick dog, neighbors rallied around to help.

What happened after this shows just how connected we are to our animals and how much we need them.

Ken lived in a mobile home community in Hemet, California with his 16-year-old dog Zack. According to his neighbors he was friendly but generally kept himself to himself.

That was until his dog became very sick and Ken didn’t have the money to rush him to the vet.

Neighbor Carol Burt said: Ken was in tears …He said, ‘I don’t know what to do. I have no money to take him to a vet’.”

Carol decided to post about her neighbor’s plight on social media in the hope that someone could help treat Ken’s sweet dog.

Elaine did all she could for Zack who was diagnosed with “glaucoma, severe arthritis and a 6/6 heart murmur, making any surgery impossible.”

Sadly, Zack didn’t make it and Elaine posted an update on Facebook saying: “Prof. Zack’s loving papa was with him as his soul was released from his body that had stopped working for him. He is now feeling like a puppy again and doing all things happy and joyful.”

Her appeal was answered by Elaine Seamans, founder of the At-Choo Foundation, a rescue organization that helps dogs in need of medical care.


Husky And Poodle Found Wandering The Streets Are The ‘Most Adorable Mismatched Duo’ Ever

Spot the Poodle and Arlo the Siberian Husky were found wandering the streets of Oakland, California and were brought in by animal control and rescued by the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV). Whether the two have been lifelong friends or met on the streets, one thing was clear to HSSV staff – the two loved each other, calling them the “most adorable mismatched duo ever.”

That’s when they knew the bonded pair would need to find a home together, no matter what.

“They look out for each other and need a home together. Spot (the poodle) always sleeps on top of Arlo (the husky) and he looks out for her,” HSSV wrote on Facebook.

Although the HSSV staff vowed to never separate the two, they first needed some long overdue medical care and TLC.

“Spot was actually so matted she was practically immobilized. A wonderful volunteer groomer named Cindy Perry freed her from her hair cage,” HSSV wrote.

When the newly groomed Spot returned to her kennel, Arlo had to give her a sniff and a once over, just to be sure it was his pal.

As for Arlo, he may be the big dog, but his health is more frail than Spot’s. Arlo took sick with a respiratory issue and tummy troubles a few days after he arrived at the humane society and went to get medical attention with the HSSV’s emergency veterinarians.

“Arlo was okay but very, very emaciated. Hard to tell under all the fur – he only weighed 53 lbs,” the humane society explained. “Both he and Spot were pretty skinny when they were found and he got very sick, very quickly.” After spending the night at the emergency vet, he’s back with them and doing better.

Arlo and Spot’s adoption has been (only) temporarily put on hold. “Once he’s back on his feet he and Spot will be back to looking for a home where they can be together.”

I’m glad Arlo is on the mend. I want both Arlo and Spot to find their forever home together. Two such beautiful dogs should never have been homeless on the streets!


This Woman Was Caught Red-Handed While Dumping Her 4 Dogs, And Got What She Deserved

It’s heartbreaking to find abandoned animals left to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, there are many irresponsible people who throw their pets away, and some don’t even bother to take them to a pet shelter.

A good Samaritan from San Antonio, Texas, tried to intervene in just an animal abuse situation. When she saw a woman throwing her four family dogs out of the car in a vacated lot, she confronted the offender. In the recording she took, we can hear her clearly stating the consequences that may follow if the woman did indeed decide to carry on being abusive to animals.

The kind Samaritan tried desperately to reason with the dog-abandoner, but even after being given directions to animal rescue services the heartless woman proceeded to dump her family pets and drive away in the most infuriating manner. One of her passengers even had the gall to flip the bird to the camera.

After authorities were informed, three of the dogs were found and delivered to a dog shelter. But the 4th dog was missing. Luckily, however, the callous ex-owner of these pets had a change of heart and helped to locate the last dog. She turned herself in after delivering the last dog to Animal care services. According to Texas law, an individual convicted of abandoning an animal may be sentenced to up to a year in county jail, and a fine of up to $4,000./ boredpanda


Exhausted Dog Swimming In The Water 130 Miles Away From Shore Gets Rescued By Oil Rig Workers

While so many terrible things happen in the world, there is always a need for something more positive. It seems sometimes that no matter how bad the world can get, there is always something truly magical happening – animals and people getting rescued, receiving their second chance in life, even when they least expect it. A similar story happened in Thailand, where a poor puppy was swimming 130 miles away from the shore, and when it seemed that everything was lost, men at an oil drilling platform noticed something in the water.

One of the employees, Vitisak Payalaw, quickly took his camera and started capturing what he saw. According to Payalaw’s facebook post, they saw his head while the dog was swimming towards their platform. Luckily, it was a rather calm afternoon and the waves were small, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to see him.

Workers tried to think of ways to rescue him but they were also racing against time since the waves were getting bigger and bigger. They finally decided to tie a rope around him and pull him in.

According to Payalaw, when the dog was clinging to the pole but he didn’t make any noise and was absolutely exhausted.

Now the puppy has been given all the necessary mineral supplements and is feeling a lot better

He was then taken to vets in Songkhla, southern Thailand where they will do further tests to check if everything is ok with his health.

He also added he is looking forward to spending many years together with him. The puppy was given the name Boonrod which in Thai means “making a spiritual donation for good luck in the future.”

This story, that many call a miracle, quickly spread online and despite many people offering their help, Vitisak has declared he will not be accepting any donations.


Former Stray Dog Adopts 8 Tiny Pigs And That’s The Sweetest Thing You’ll See Now

When Wes Trevor, the owner of the ‘Spectrum Plants Gold Coast’ in Australia, found out about 8 tiny pigs in poor health, he did not hesitate and took them in. At first, they fed the piglets with special food to get them back on their tiny feet. But then something unexpected happened.

Treasure, a former stray boxer breed dog, noticed the pigs and her motherhood instincts took over. She started caring for the piglets as if they were her own babies. Soon she even started producing milk and the tiny pigs were happy to suckle on the mama dog.

Wes was not sure if that’s healthy for the dog and pigs, but after checking with a vet, he was advised that it’s all great as long as the pigs get additional nutrition and do not hurt the dog.

This beautiful story once again proves that dogs are incredibly caring, amazing creatures.


Ekspozimi i Tepërt në Diell – Ndikimi tek Shëndeti dhe Kujdesi që ju Duhet

Ekspozimi në diell na mundëson plotësimin e nevojës për vitaminën D e cila është shumë e rëndësishme për shëndetin.

Megjithatë kur qëndrojmë në diell për një kohë shumë të gjatë, rreziqet janë të shumta.

Në këtë artikull të do të mësoni më shumë për simptomat që manifesohen në organizëm kur e teproni me të qëndruarin në diell.

Djersitje e Mangët
Djersitja është mënyra më e mirë e trupit për të rregulluar temperaturën e brendshme.

Nëse vëreni që trupi juaj nuk ka djersirë dhe se lëkura është e thatë dhe e nxehtë, atëherë me siguri ju keni pësuar një goditje të fortë nga vapa.

Kjo e fundit mund të shkaktojë dëmtim të shumë organeve përfshirë trurin.

Rrudhat normalisht janë një shenjë e plakjes por edhe shpërbërjes së kolagjenit dhe fibrës si pasojë e rrezeve ultravjollcë.

Kufizoni ekspozimin në diell dhe mos harroni të lyheni gjithmonë me krem mbrojtës.

Perdja e Syrit
Ekspozimi i tepërt në diell mund të nxisë shfaqjen e perdes së syrit dhe mjegullimin e shikimit.

Ekspertët këshillojnë mbajtjen e syzeve mbrojtëse kundër rrezeve ultravjollcë.

Dhimbje Muskulare
Dehidratimi si pasojë e ekspozimit të gjatë në diell mund të shkaktojë kontraktime të muskujve dhe dhimbje të forta.

Nëse përballeni me ngërce të tilla, zhvendosuni në hije dhe pini sa më shumë lëngje.

Nëse dhimbjet nuk largohen brenda orës kërkoni ndihmë mjekësore.

Marramendja dhe konfuzioni janë shenja të goditjes nga vapa.

Nëse vëreni diçka të tillë mos prisni që simptomat të largohen vetë dhe kërkoni ndihmë mjekësore.

Gjendje Të Fikëti
Nëse ndiheni të këputur, keni marramendje ose ju duket sikur do ju bjerë të fikët nga çasti në çast, atëherë duhet të dini që truri nuk po furnizohet me gjak.

Nxehtësia e madhe ul sasinë e gjakut që rrugëton drejt trurit.

Ekspertët thonë se duhet të hidratoheni menjëherë me lëngje dhe elektrolite./


‘Jeni të helmatisur deri në palcë’, Einxhel Shkira shpërthen e revoltuar në rrjete sociale

Einxhel Shkira ka reaguar e revoltuar në lidhje me komentet negative që njerëzit bëjnë shpesh në rrjete sociale.

'Jeni të helmatisur deri në palcë', Einxhel Shkira

“Kjo është hera fundit që do flas për Ju! Jo se jeni të rëndsishëm për mua jo,se oksigjen s’më jepni ju, as mbi shpin s’më mbani as buke s’më jepni…Jeni thjesht njerëz vërdall. Njerëz që i këshilloj të bëjnë diçka me jetën e tyre,të merren me një hobi tjetër vec vjelljes vrer ne IG ndaj njerzve që sju lidh asgjë, përveç një butoni që e bëni ‘follow/unfollow. Për të mirën tuaj pastroni shpirtin nga kjo energji kaq negative dhe toksike sepse jeni të helmatisur deri në palc”, ka shkruar moderatorja mes të tjerash.

'Jeni të helmatisur deri në palcë', Einxhel Shkira

“Dhe për ata që më thonë pse merresh: Sepse kjo jam unë. Sepse unë s’pranoj dot në heshtje t’më kalojnë si maune padrejtsie sipër vetes e mos lëshoj zë, sepse unë flas kur më shqetëson diçka, sepse unë refuzoj të mbaj gojën që mos dukem keq te ju, refuzoj të fsheh zemerimin tim dhe pranoj të tregoj kush jam sepse unë se bëj për t’ju impresionuar juve! Jetoj për qëllime më të larta se aq dhe uroj që veç më lart t’ju shoh të gjithëve. Por mos më kërkoni të jem indiferente kur më bëhen padrejtsi apo kalohet çdo lloj caku sepse nuk e zgjodha këtë lloj jete që të hesht, e aq më pak për t’ju pëlqyer juve”, ka shtuar më tej ajo.

'Jeni të helmatisur deri në palcë', Einxhel Shkira

'Jeni të helmatisur deri në palcë', Einxhel Shkira


Këngëtari i njohur shqiptar feston ditëlindjen në spital

Këngëtari i njohur i muzikës popullore,  Ervis Behari feston ditëlindjen. Mirëpo kjo ditëlindje nuk e ka gjetur dhe aq mirë.

Këngëtari i njohur shqiptar feston ditëlindjen në spital

Ervisi ka publikuar në rrjete sociale një foto nga spitali duke marrë serum.

Këngëtari i njohur shqiptar feston ditëlindjen në spital

“Na kapi ditëlindja pak pa qejf…por do ia dalim”, ka shkruar ai në Instastory.

Këngëtari i njohur shqiptar feston ditëlindjen në spital

Këngëtari i njohur shqiptar feston ditëlindjen në spital

Këngëtari i njohur shqiptar feston ditëlindjen në spital


E Mrekullueshme / Vaj Ulliri Dhe Kripë Deti, Kura Ideale Për Pr.oblemet Në Kocka…

E Mrekullueshme / Vaj Ulliri Dhe Kripë Deti, Kura Ideale Për Pr.oblemet Në Kocka…

Dhimbbjeet e kockave po kthehen në një probleem shëndetësor shumë i përhapur kudo, edhe në Shqipëri. Kjo ndodh edhe sepse njerëzit nuk kanë shumë kohë për aktivitet fizik ndërkohë që jetëgjatësiia është rritur.

Kjo nënkupton se njerëzit po jetojnë më gjatë dhe rrjedhimisht i përdorin muskujt dhe kockat për më shumë kohë. Në përgjithësi, njerëzit kërkojnë ndihmën e medikamenteve qetësuees.

Shpesh këto iilaçe, kur pihen me tepri janë të dëmshmee për stomakun dhe mëlçinë. Natyra nga ana tjetër na ka dhënë shumë burime të rëndësishme kundër dhimbbjevee që nuk dëmttojnnë organeet e tjera. Në këtë artiikuull do të mësoni për një trajtim të fuqiishëm kundër dhimbbjevee të kyçeve që bazohet në përdorimin e kripës dhe vajit.

Vaji i ullirit është i pasur me poliifenolë që shërbejnë si antiioksidanntë. Në momentin që ky lëng i artë bie në kontakt me organizmin, ngadalëson plakjen e qeliizavee. Kjo do të thotë që dhimbbjees i duhet më shumë kohë për t’u shfaqur. Vaji i ullirit përmban edhe substtancaa që parandalojnë aktivizimin e inflammacioniit. Vaji i ullirit rregullon qarkullimin e gj akut që rrjedhimisht mban organet të shëndetshme.

Vlerat e kripës së detit – Trajtimi me vaj dhe kripë, kërkon kripë deti sepse ofron përfitime shumë të mira për organizmin. Kripa e detit përmban magnez që forcon indet.

Mineralet e tjera te kripa janë shumë të mira për sistemin imunitar dhe për shërimin e kockave dhe muskujve. Sikur të mos mjaftonte kjo, kripa e detit përmirëson qarkullimin e gj akut dhe eliminon sasitë e tepërta të sodiumit në gj ak, duke ulur tensiionin e tij.

Përbërësit e kurës:

një gotë me ujë, 20 lugë gjelle me vaj ulliri, 10 lugë gjelle me kripë deti.


Shtoni vajin e ullirit dhe kripën në ujë dhe përziejini së bashku. Masën e përfituar përdoreni për të masazhuar zonën e prekur nga dhimbbjaa për rreth 3 minuta. Masazhi fillestar duhet të zgjasë 3 minuta dhe duhet të arrini që të masazhoni zonën e prekur për deri 10 ose 20 minuta. Kjo kurë duhet aplikuar në lëkurë për 10 ditë me rradhë. Rezultatet do të jenë të shpejta dhe afatgjatë.

Do të shihni se do të mund të lëvizni më lehtë dhe dhimbbjaa do të zbutet ndjeeshëm. Nëpërmjet këtij masazhi, qeliizat tuaja do të rigjallërohen, qarkullimi i gj akut do jetë më i mirë dhe sistemi imunitar shumë më i forttë. Në disa raste mund të shihni se lëkura mund të skuqeet. Kundër skuqjees mund të përdorni një peshqir me ujë të ngrohtë.